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Fact Sheet


Pharmakon is a game about tactical battles between puzzle-powered drones and elemental beasts.

Pharmakon is a brand-new title mixing traditional puzzle and combat strategy in a sci-fi world ruled by technological exploitation of nature’s elements.

The game challenges players to fight elemental beasts infesting their faction’s territory.
To achieve their goal, players power up a drone with element puzzle parts to set up tactical attacks against dangerous packs of beasts.


  • Innovative Gameplay – Strategy and puzzle that work together harmoniously to coordinate battle moves give you a fresh approach to the tactical experience.
  • Persistent Puzzling – Puzzle persistent equipment and turn-based gameplay motivate you to evaluate, plan, think, strategize and manage resources on a long-term scale.
  • Rigorous Decisions – Optimization will bring tough and rigorous decisions to handle any problem you will encounter, making any choice very valuable.
  • Ever-Changing Challenge – New procedurally generated threats every game will give you an ever-changing challenge.
  • Battle Control Improvement – You will gather battle data to configure special abilities and improve your control of the battle with a new puzzle system made of lasers.
  • Revelation Rewards – Every victory, you will discover hidden details of the unexpected situation behind your mission.
  • Short or Long-term Play Sessions – You can play short or long game sessions.
  • Retro Sci-Fi Mood – Great 80’s dark sci-fi music.

It is a challenge for your mind calling on skills of Evaluation, Adaptation, Optimization and Anticipation.

Key tones

  • Elements of nature
  • Combinaisons
  • Adjustements
  • Tighed margin
  • Tough choices
  • Ration
  • Optimization

For players loving to

  • Think
  • Measure
  • Calculate
  • Adapt
  • Coordinate
  • Manage space
  • Manage ressources
  • Optimize
  • Anticipate
  • Combine

Focused on

When i created Pharmakon, I wanted to bring a simple, coherent and precise panel of possibilities to solve an evolving problem.

My goals were :

  • make a game able to challenge and entertain myself
  • to not lose players in tons of (sometime useless) contents
  • to keep strong and coherent identity between game design, story, art and music (even if it doesn’t match with flashy things)
  • to face the answer of the ultimate question: Should i continue to develop games?


My name is Ludovic Servat, i am a self-educated independant game developer.

As a lonely kid, i started to imagine stories to not be bored, then i drew a lot while i was a teenager and i started to do print design with my first computer. I was 18 years old. After years of (messy) self-education powered by internet, i participated in the creation of various game projects as illustrator/concept artist, art director, ui artist and game designer. Mostly dead on arrival, these projects gave me a lot of lessons about good and bad experiences in game development. Along that badly dented road, i became a polyvalent developer able to fully release a game by himself. That’s how Visumeca Games came to life.

Games i like to produce brings the joy to think, to get surprised and to be challenged.
I focus my work on quality and polished games offering unique, innovative, coherent and elegant concepts.
I want to create games people enjoy in the same way we are surprisingly amazed to find out what great actions we are capable to solve a problem.




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Download complete images (screenshots + art + transparent logos) archive pack as *.zip

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