Visumeca Games:  an indie developer working on games since 2008.
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Volt Patrol
Drive to weave your way out but don’t get caught by the surveillance or you will get shocked!

Steam page


Tactical battles between puzzle-powered drones and elemental beasts.
Steam Page (EN/FR)

Dodge death in a rising hell.
Steam Page (EN/FR)

Connect the animals.
Windows Store Page (EN)

Discord Games

Negociate informations to unlock treasures and invocations.
Discord Server (FR)

Small Games

Super Impact
Get rid of your rival in a simplistic duel. Page (EN)

Gather fruits and protect them from the insects.
Play (Flash) (FR)

Take your magnifying glass and run for the clues.
Indie DB Page (EN)

Pioneerz 2
Take your magnifying glass and run for the clues.
Indie DB Page (EN)

Hooks Bomb Party
Bomberman-Like with pirates.
Website (FR)

Stellar Prospector
Small adventure. Wicked Games (EN)

GameJam Games

Turn an old Minitel into a crazy junk robot and test your shooting skills against it. Page (Ludum Dare) (EN)

Muscle Battery
Running out of power, make muscular mens hustling to generate energy. Page (Ludum Dare) (EN)

How information was gathered by spies in really old times. Page (Ludum Dare) (EN)

Solve crimes or get fired. Page (Ludum Dare) (EN)

The Shift
Time travelling is a dangerous trip. Page (Ludum Dare) (EN)

Vampire’s lair
Get help to escape from teh vampire’s lair. Page (Ludum Dare) (EN)

Mix all the species to evolve. Page (EN)

Me, Buck & Tina
Small adventure. Page (Ludum Dare) (EN)